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Lighting Tips for the Most Overlooked Areas in a Home

When it comes to lighting a home, many people pay attention to the living area, kitchen and bedroom. The lighting design in these spaces usually comprises ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lights for visual appeal. It's easy to forget about the rooms you spend very little time in. However, installing proper lighting in these often overlooked areas can improve their appearance and boost their functionality. Therefore, check out these lighting tips for the often neglected rooms in a home.

Bathroom Lighting

There are three main reasons why you need proper lighting in your bathroom:

  1. Safety: A poorly lit bathroom increases the risk of stumbling and slipping. With inadequate light, one may knock over glass bottles and get injured
  2. Task accuracy: You need adequate lighting when undertaking beauty and hygiene tasks such as shaving or doing make-up
  3. Visual appeal: Inadequate lighting can diminish the visual appeal of your bathroom. It casts shadows in the space and makes it look smaller than it is

Invest in the right bathroom lighting to increase safety, boost visual appeal and improve tasks such as shaving and applying make-up. Don't just rely on ambient lighting for the space. Install task lights above the vanity area and next to the toilet. You can also use accent lighting to highlight the bathroom mirror.

Laundry Room Lighting

Laundry rooms are small spaces that are usually accessed only a few times a week. Therefore, many people overlook the lighting in the space. With normally only one light bulb, the room ends up looking dark and unappealing. You can revamp your laundry room by upgrading the lighting. Below are a few lighting ideas for the space:

  • Under-cabinet LED strip lights or recessed lights to illuminate the area under the cabinetry
  • Pendant lighting above the island to provide light for tasks such as sorting and folding
  • Accent wall lights to highlight decor such as wall art

You can experiment with different light fixture designs to achieve a unique look. For example, industrial, farmhouse and nautical-style fixtures can add texture and character to the space.

Closet Lighting

Are you tired of fumbling in your dark closet in search of clothes? Closet lighting is often overlooked in most homes, yet it can help users keep their closet spaces neat and appealing. The most popular form of closet lighting is LED strip lighting. The strip lights have an adhesive backing that makes it easy to install the lights in cabinets, drawers and behind clothing racks. Some lights are motion-activated and automatically come on when you open your closet doors.

Are the above areas of your home poorly lit? Follow the lighting tips above to boost the appearance and functionality of the rooms. Also, invest in high-quality lighting bulbs for excellent performance and efficiency. 

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